Nature Studies

Every pocket of the Valley offers a unique microclimate and mosaic of inhabitants, inviting quiet observation and reflection.


nature-studies-side3.jpgThanks to its diversity of habitats, the Methow Valley is home to deer, coyotes, wolves, bear, cougar, lynx, bobcat, moose, eagles, heron, hawks, falcons, salmon, songbirds and a myriad of other small mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and butterflies -- not to mention carpets of wildflowers and ribbons of aspen.  It is no wonder that so many people are moved by the natural beauty of the region and are motivated to learn more about it.

 Whether you stumble upon it during a solo hike, or seek it out in a weekend workshop, the Methow will delight you with subtle discoveries and vivid memories.

"From cedar woodlands to sagebrush hillsides, from alpine meadows to cottonwood floodplains, from vanilla scented ponderosa pine forests to wild fish bearing streams, the Methow Valley has it all!  The convergence of so many habitats in one watershed truly makes the Methow unique." 
~ Steve Bondi, Stewardship Director, Methow Conservancy


The Ecology Center at North Cascades Basecamp offers a wide variety of activities and gatherings for people of all ages and is available year round.  The Methow Conservancy offers monthly lectures on the local natural history with their “First Tuesday Lecture Series” at the Twisp River Pub

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