Welcome to a grand new idea for satisfying your convention needs.  We offer you a unique setting allowing you to step back in time, as you make plans for the future. 

banner1.jpgConsider a convention or team retreat in the Old Western town of Winthrop with its beautiful scenery and classic wooden boardwalks.  Many restaurants and eateries invite you in as you stroll the rustic walks.   Winthrop is located on the eastern side of the North Cascade Mountains, nestled in the confluence of the Methow and Chewuch rivers.  Enjoy the warmth of the east side sun as you take in the breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains.

The Winthrop Barn serves as a one of a kind convention facility.  Offering a full kitchen, and presentation stage, the Barn can seat and serve up to 500 people.  It's also located just a stone's throw from the Methow River with its beautiful adjoining shaded park.  During meeting breaks it is just a one block walk to the center of town for a refreshing drink and take a look at our unique retail establishments.

While you are in the Valley, outside recreational opportunities are bountiful. Enjoy a short or long hike on the many miles of scenic trails or rent a mountain bike to cover more terrain. Horseback riding and river rafting are always a favorite way to get into the back country.  You might also enjoy a peaceful canoe or kayak tour on one of the many lakes within minutes of downtown Winthrop. All of Winthrop's offerings make for great team-building activities. 

Methow_LargeThumb.jpgMany lodging facilities are available to choose from. You'll be charmed by one of the classic bed and breakfasts or perhaps want to hibernate in your own secluded cabin.  Motels and inns with swimming pools and spas are available in all price ranges.  World class Sun Mountain Lodge, a 4 star international resort, is only 20 minutes from The Barn and also offers convention facilities.  

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